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Our Philosophy: Less Is More
At Acoustic Technologies, LLC, we believe that less is more.

The non plus ultra for music lovers and audiophiles are loudspeakers capable of precisely reproducing the sounds of musical instruments and voices as they were recorded.

Most loudspeakers, however, rely on electronic circuits and multiple drivers, each dedicated to a limited frequency range, to attempt accurate reproduction of original sound recordings.  Unfortunately, every additional circuit and driver introduces some amount of unwanted interference and distortion, potentially degrading the reproduction of the original sound recording.

Therefore, we at Acoustic Technologies, LLC, have eliminated components that can degrade the sound and prevent the loudspeaker from reproducing acoustic subtleties, tone and detail in your favorite recordings.  There are no multiple drivers and no cross-over circuits to add distortion.

Instead, our newly patented loudspeakers combine a single 3” full range driver with an ingenious enclosure, which serves as an amplifier and resonator to accurately reproduce a coherent, naturally synthesized sound over a large range of frequencies. 

Our loudspeakers create a realistic three-dimensional listening experience over a previously unattainable range of listening positions. Our loudspeakers do not have a “sweet-spot,” therefore allowing the listener to roam around the listening room (or even leave it) and still retain a realistically wide, deep, and tall soundstage image in which all performers remain in their (virtual) location.

Listen for yourself to  the Acoustic Technologies, LLC speakers and you will experience the presentation of music like no other. The speakers developed by Acoustic Technologies, LLC pay particular attention to Time Domain considerations (an almost totally neglected aspect of reproduced sound) and takes its inspiration from acoustic instruments.