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"Many speakers can capture the basic core of music. But the Classics did not capture it; they set it free. Music had life and a presence that made me feel like I was there. [...] the Classics get out of the way of the music. [...] In short, these speakers are for real-world listening conditions."
Don Shaulis - Equipment Review, February 2011 - The Stereo Times

"The sound ... was definitely full-range, and the soundstaging ... was well delineated ..., there was a refreshing transparency to the overall presentation ..." 
John Atkinson - RMAF 2009 Show Report - stereophile.com

"[The Classic-Series] revels in the sheer joy of music ... [they] celebrate music where other speakers take themselves much too seriously and force the listener to sit fixated ..."  
Don Shaulis - CES 2010 Show Report - The Stereo Times

"The sound of these speakers was very open and essentially the same at any place within the room. These speakers can really disappear."
Kent Johnson - AKFest 2009 Show Report - Positive Feedback

Driven by a passion for music, Acoustic Technologies LLC has created loudspeakers that immerse the listener in the purity of sound. 

After years of research, Acoustic Technologies, LLC goes back to the basics and introduces its paradigm-shifting, full-range single driver loudspeakers.